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School Day

Opening and Closing Times

Our school day officially starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.15pm.There is always a member of staff on the school gates to welcome the children into the school in the morning at 8:40am. The children are then greeted by a member of staff as they come into their classroom to start some early morning activities with their friends.


Our assemblies are at 9.00 on Monday and at 10.15 Tuesday-Friday.

On Monday, we have a whole school assembly with Ms Adams, she likes to set us up with a thought for the week and also look at our attendance - which class will Gertie goat visit this week? We also choose some ICU tokens from the pot which we get in and around school for showing positive behaviours which is linked to our Positive Action project. On Tuesday, we have another whole school assembly with Mrs de Roeck and there’s often a lesson about team work, friendship and working together. Or it might be about a special religious festival that is happening that week or any special days such as Commonwealth Day. On Wednesday, we sing our hearts out with Mrs Jones. On Thursday, we have key stage assemblies, class assemblies or visitors into school. These are led by different teachers and children from across the school. On Friday, we have our 'Achievements Assembly' where we find out who is ‘Pupil of the Week’ and our infamous dancing owl always makes an appearance! During this assembly, we might also give out some presentation awards for children who have tried hard with their presentation in all of their books. And if anyone has received a certificate from outside of school, e.g. swimming, then we also celebrate this. Sometimes this can be a very busy assembly but we think that it is important to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Morning playtimes

Children have a morning break from 10.30am to 10.45am  we have a variety of play equipment available to the children. In addition to the adults who are outside, we have play leaders from Pygmy class who help everyone to have a happy playtime.


Billy class have their lunchtime at 12.00-1.05. Angora and Alpine have their lunch from 12.05 – 1.05 and Kinder, Cashmere and Pygmy have their lunchbreak from 12.15-1.15.

We have a wide variety of school dinner options available to our children and they are provided with a menu to take home, as well as using the menu on display in the dinner hall. We also have a ‘serve yourself’ salad bar which is available every day.

We think it is very important for the children to eat together and to learn good table manners. The younger children have a playtime after their lunch and the older children have 15 minutes before they eat and about 15 minutes afterwards.

End of the school day

The school day finishes at 3.15 for all classes. The children are collected from the classroom doors that lead into the playground. If the children are attending any of the clubs on offer, they will be taken to the adult running these clubs. Additionally, if they are attending the after school club in the community centre, the children enjoy a book with a friend (or an adult) in our library area until they are collected.