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E-safety is very important to us at Goat Lees Primary School. We believe that E-safety is not an area that should only be discussed once a year or just in an assembly. Our working party collaborated to produce an E-safety curriculm map. Please click here to see what your child will be discussing and learning about each term.

If you would like to find out more information (articles and advice) as the on-line world changes so rapidly, please visit the 'Parents Info' site, you will find this in the Parents section on our website.

Our E-Safety working party.

As a new school, we created an e-safety working party which was made up of children (digital leaders), staff, parents and governors. We worked together to look at our E-safety policy, our E-safety curriculum and how we can develop this further. As a group, we believe that the Internet and other digital technologies are very powerful resources which can enhance and potentially transform teaching and learning when used effectively and appropriately. The Internet is an essential element of 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. Through teaching internet safety, in a variety of contexts, we strive for our children to know how to keep themselves safe on line. If your child has access to the internet at home, follow some simple rules to ensure their safety:

  1. Make sure you can see the computer and the sites that they are visiting.
  2. Discuss and set some simple rules together, making sure that the children understand the importance of these rules.
  3. Use the school website for suitable educational sites.
  4. If you or your child need to report something unsuitable, please follow the link to CEOP


Our e-safety policy is also available for you to read in: 'about us, policies'

Please read Kent County Councils Children, ICT & E-Safety document, found below, for help and more information.


Click here for information on how to keep your children safe on Social Media.






Google Internet Legends Assembly Tour

In May, we hosted the Google Internet Legends Assembly Tour, our Year 5 friends from Phoenix Primary school came to join us. The assembly introduced the children to the four pillars of the Legends Code, giving the children a simple but powerful way to think about online safety.

1) Think before you share    2) Protect your stuff    3)Check it’s for real    4)Respect each other

The assembly was a lot of fun (lights, foam fingers and cats!) but the children also learnt a lot. In order to become an internet legened, they had to tell someone at home what they had learnt.  

IMG 7032

Safer internet day 2016 was on Tuesday 9th February."Play your part for a better internet."

Our digital leaders worked together to create an assembly for KS1 which focused on what to do if something pops up on your screen. For KS2, there was a foucs on being kind on line and what to do if you were not happy with something you saw. The message they gave was: "If you wouldn't do it in real life, don't do it on line!"

Safer internet day 2015 was on Tuesday 10th February."Let's create a better internet together."

We held a special assembly for the whole school and each class did something different which is appropriate to their age.

Billy, Angora and Alpine class - Made paper people so they could write a digital promise. This was a positive pledge to reflect what they would do to create a better internet. Billy class recorded what they use the internet for - their favourite games. Alpine class looked at making the right choices when they are on the internet. They had dilemmas to discuss in groups and decide what they should do.

Kinder/Cashmere class - completed a drama activity. The children were given three dice to use, which had a setting, characters and a device. They also had dilemma cards. Children created a short story in which they had to solve a dilemma including the three elements from the dice.

Pygmy class - created an online pledge which was a promise to help to create a better internet: 'To help make the internet a better place, I promise I will...' We used these to create a film montage.