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Sporting Tournaments 2016 - 2017


On Wednesday 18th January, four children from year 3/4 took part in a Boccia competition at The Stour Centre. They competed against fourteen other local schools and played seven games.Boccia is a bit like bowls but all participants sit down to play their balls. First a jack is thrown, then the teams compete to throw their ball closest to the jack. The balls do have a habit of rolling so applying the correct pressure to your throw is a very difficult skill. The children were up against some stiff competition but they all enjoyed themselves and had great fun taking part!

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Cross country

On Wednesday 5th October, seven year 5/6 children took part in a Cross Country tournament at Godinton House.  The first race was for the year five boys who all ran incredibly. Connor completed an excellent sprint right at the end which saw him overtake many other competitors. Charlie and Christina both ran the year six races by themselves and did extremely well with the extra distance. Well done to all of the children that took part.

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2015 - 2016


On a sunny Tuesday afternoon in May, we took a group of year 3 and 4 children to Highworth to take part in the tri-golf tournament. We all had great fun and enjoyed hitting the ball as far as we could. We came 11th out of 13 which is fantastic as some us had never held a golf club before!

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Football team

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Infant Agility

On Wednesday afternoon (23rd March) Goat Lees was represented by a team of 8 children at the Infant Agility competition at Towers School. The children took part in 7 different rounds against 9 other schools. The events included: launching, bowling, bouncing, running, jumping, skipping and stepping. The children were immaculately behaved and tried their absolute best in all events. Of the 10 schools competing, Goat Lees were very proud to be placed 4th overall at the end of the event. Congratulations to the 8 children that came.

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On Tuesday the 22nd of March we took a team of six children to the Quicksticks hockey tournament at the Ashford Hockey club. All played excellently and we even came away with a score of 9-1 to Goat Lees during the mornings matches, against five other schools, which we won 4 out of five. This lead to the afternoons matches where we were matched using the results from the morning matches and Goat Lees were put into the top 10 teams and the second pool to play for the shield, we fought hard defending and attacking to get the ball and won our first match 2-1. At the end of the afternoon we had won, drawn and lost two matches placing us 7th out of 25 teams. Ending the day with a fantastic result and great achievement for the Goat Lees team!

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Dance show

On Thursday 17th March two groups took part in a local dance show. The dance show had an Olympics theme and all groups had a country that their dance was based on. Nine children from KS1 performed line dancing with their chosen country being USA. Twelve children from KS2 performed some Bollywood moves with their chosen country being India. The children all performed fantastically and represented the school well.


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Sport Stacking

On the 8th March, Three teams represented Goat Lees Primary School at recent Sport Stacking events. The idea is to stack the cups up and down as fast as you can. The stacks are very challenging including a pyramid of three, six and ten cups! As well as the normal stacks, the children had to work together in pairs with one hand each to stack cups up and down and work as a team in a relay stacking race. Sport Stacking is a challenging and sometimes frustrating sport but the children showed true Goat Lees spirit, giving their best in every single round. As always the children’s behaviour was impeccable and they represented Goat Lees very well. Well done to everyone that took part!

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On Thursday 2nd October eight children took part in a Handball tournament at Highworth Grammar School. First we played in the group stages, where we faced four other teams. We drew one game against Furley Park and won all of our other games. This meant we came second in our group and were playing for a position in the Championship league. We played Furley Park's second team and won the game which led to us playing, and beating, Phoenix. This meant we were playing in the final for first or second place! We had to face Furley Park again who we played in the group stage which was the only game we hadn't won. We put up a good fight and had four shots at the goal which all unfortunately missed. Furley Park managed to score four goals so the final score was 4-0 to them. We came second in the competition and collected silver medals for our efforts. We are incredibly proud of the children for all their efforts and grace when doing so well, even if it surprised all of us! We were all so excited that Mr Bill had a very loud bus on the return journey to school. Well done Goats!