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Pygmy class


Term 4

Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 4.

Term 3

We are keeping to the same topic this term but this time with a focus on Global Warming - we're going to be planet crusaders! We have also dressed up as roving reporters to find out what on earth has been going on at Goat Lees. After we established the facts, we wrote news reports which we've sent home.

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Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 3.

Term 2

As always term 2 was very busy but we still got time to have a party together and play some silly games.

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Our focus for this term has been 'The Frozen Planet' where we looked at the similarities and differences bewteen the two poles. To begin with we were very creative with our holiday homework creating igloos and all sorts! We have also used manipulatives to start learning about ratio which was quite challenging! In RE we made  sedar plates with Miss Chellen.

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Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 2.

Term 1

Welcome back Pygmy class - our very first year 6 class! Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 1.

Pygmy class

During the first week of term, we had a KIC theatre workshop based on our text for this term - 'Way home.' We learnt why people become homeless and we started to form our own opinions on people who are homeless.

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Our stunning start involved us leaving school because of a tornado! We looked in the local area to see where we could spend the night and then we came back to school to build our own shelters.

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