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Pygora Class


Term 4

Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 4.

Term 3

Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 3. At the start of term 3, Pygora were visited by Ian from Kic theatre. They enjoyed learning all about global warming that links with our topic on the Arctic and Antarctic. The children thought about the consequences on global warming and ways in which we could help to prevent it. We held a day where the children dressed up as journalists. There had been some funny goings on in the school and the children had to investigate the stories. They were given headlines and had to create the story to match. Then photos were delivered, were their stories correct? The children then interviewed key members of staff and children in the school, to find out more information. The children then wrote news reports on their stories. We have been learning about the miracles in the Bible. We looked at the nature miracle of Jesus stopping a storm while travelling on a boat. We re-enacted the story and thought about how the characters would be feeling at each point in the story. We are investigating forces this term in Science. We were testing how long it takes a piece of paper to fall through the air. We tested three different bits of paper – one scrunched into a ball, one folded and one flat. We timed how long it would take for the paper to reach the ground. We made sure that our investigation was a fair test by changing only one variable.

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Group 2
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Group 6
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Term 2

Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 2. We have been looking at translation in maths. We used the geo boards to make a shape and then translate it to another position on the board. We have been learning about Earth and the solar system. We created the solar system and acted out how it moves. We did this using a choice of plasticine, balls or ourselves. We looked at how the Earth rotated to create day and night. We modelled this using a torch as the sun, an earth and a person. We looked at shadows as the Earth rotated. In topic, we have been learning about Shackleton’s jouney to Antarctica. We thought about how Shackleton and his men would be feeling as they stepped off their ship for the first time. Here are some of our freezeframes to capture the character’s thoughts and feelings.

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Term 1

Welcome back Pygora! Please click here for our class newsletter for Term 1.

Pygora class

In the first week of term, we had a visit from KIC theatre and a workshop based on our text for this term - 'The lost thing.' We started looking at all of the things that we throw away and the effect this has on our environment.


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Our stunning start involved us leaving school because of a tornado! We looked in the local area to see where we could spend the night and then we came back to school to build our own shelters.

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