After School Clubs

After School clubs Term 1 and 2 - 2019/2020

We are very pleased to be able to offer the following clubs for Term 1 and 2. Thank you to all of the members of staff who are giving their time so we can offer so many. 

Monday: Chatter Books Yr 3/4 Mrs Simmons 
Benchball Yr 3/4 Mrs Green 
Netball Yr 5/6 Miss Winfield 
Choir KS2 Ms Davis 

Tuesday: Football (charge) KS1 & KS2 Elite Coaching
Rota Kids Club KS2 Mrs Cooper
Computing Year 1/2 Mr Parris 
Dance Yr 5/6 Mrs Owen 
Jewellery Club Yr 5/6 Miss Chapman 
Paper Craft Yr 3/4 Mrs Paggett 
Film Club (no snacks please) Yr 1/2 Miss Wheeler & Miss Chittenden 

Wednesday: Imaginative Play Yr 1/2 Mrs Terrell
Sewing Yr 5/6 Mrs Neall
Greetings Cards Yr 2 Mrs de Roeck
Hall Games Yr R Miss Corrigan 

Thursday: Football Yr 4-6 Mr Harlow 
Construction Yr R Mrs Woodbridge
Lego Yr 1 Mrs Farrar 
Film Club (no snacks please) Yr R Miss Hall & Miss Winfield

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