At Goat Lees, we believe that ‘Quality First Teaching’ is the key to making sure that our children make as much progress as possible. Through assessment, if any children have gaps in their learning we will pick them up with targeted interventions either 1:1 or in small groups. These interventions change according to the needs of the children and they are planned for on our provision maps.

We run additional interventions across the school:

Power of 2.

  • To help with basic maths skills.

Each child on the intervention has one session per day where they are asked a set of questions from a maths support book designed to develop their skills in mental calculations. The child's aim is to get the same questions correct on three separate but consecutive occasions before they move on to the next set.

Rapid Readers – Pearson

  • To develop fluency in reading.
  • To develop comprehension skills.

This intervention programme is aimed at children who find reading a challenge, or need a short sharp programme as a quick boost. This programme enhances all the necessary skills required (phonics, decoding techniques, spelling and comprehension) to develop children's reading and their confidence.

This scheme consists of reading a combination of engaging fiction and non-fiction books as well as ebooks. It is a 20 minute one-to-one intervention programme where a child will enjoy reading with an adult and discuss the book. Together they will go through some comprehension questions laid out as a quiz to develop the child's understanding. It is then followed by some phonics and spelling work and always ended by a joke! On the second 20 minute session, the child will read the same story but this time on the computer (ebook). The pupils then revisit the story and reply to a few pop up questions. When they have finished reading the ebook and replied to all the questions, they earn virtual coins which they will 'spend' on virtual rewards of their choice. If they wish too, they can then re-read the stories from home using the website and login details given to the children.

Generally, a child will read to an adult once a week and will read the ebook in dependently within a few days. Progress of each child is closely monitored by the adult who reads with that particular child to ensure progress is made. We use this intervention for children in Year 4.

Project X code – Oxford University Press

  • To develop fluency in reading with a focus on developing their phonics knowledge.
  • To develop comprehension skills.

This is a reading intervention for children in Years 2–4 who are a year or more behind in their word reading. It combines phonics and comprehension development in a character adventure series which engages children - especially boys. The children read four times a week with a TA following clearly planned lessons. These sessions could be in small groups, pairs or 1:1.


What is Fizzy? Fizzy is a graded, measurable activity programme for children with co-ordination difficulties. It focuses on the areas of body awareness, balance and ball skills. Short frequent sessions 2-3 times a wk.

As well as increasing gross motor skills, Fizzy also:

  • Increases motivation
  • Increase confidence in motor abilities
  • Improves self esteem
  • Improves social inclusion
  • Encourages children to enjoy movement and PE
  • Benefits learning (posture, stability, positioning)

Clever Hands

What is clever hands? Clever hands is a program of fine motor activities designed to address difficulties with fine motor skills affecting play, self-care and school related performance. Fine motor skills are the manner in which we use our fingers, hands and arms.
Activities which require these skills include: using pencils and scissors, buttons and zips, using cutlery and many more.

Short frequent sessions: 2 x weekly

As well as increasing fine motor skills:

  • Increases motivation
  • Increases confidence in motor abilities
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improves social inclusion
  • Encourages children to enjoy fine motor tasks
  • Benefits learning (handwriting, endurance)

Precision Teaching

This intervention addresses a very specific gap in a child's knowledge by repeating teaching over and over again for example with times tables, number bonds specific spellings or learning letter sounds. The sessions are quite short (10-15 mins) and the same teaching takes place every day for a week so that we can demonstrate rapid progress in a specific area. 

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