Whole School Curriculum

As a staff group, we started writing our Curriculum four years ago. With our children in mind, we created topic areas to work in a two year cycle so that our teachers had the opportuity to plan and teach together - working to individual strengths. Our aim was, and still is, to use the objectives from the National Curriculum and make it as creative and exciting for the children as possible so they develop a love for learning. In order for this curriculum to be engaging for our children, it will be regularly evaluated and changed to meet their needs, the needs of our school and the needs within the wider community and the world. Please click here to read our 'Teaching and Learning' statement which has been written by the school staff and approved by our Full Governing Body.

This year (2018-2019) we have already made some changes based on our evaluations from the previous two years and we are now developing our curriculum by including a key question for the children to answer at the end of each topic. By doing this, we hope that our children will be able to express their knowledge and understanding in a way they would prefer and thus creating independent, life-long learners.  

If you would like to see an overview for the two years, please click here.

Cycle B - Term 1 Curriculum maps. Please click on the year groups:  Yr 1/2     Yr 3/4     Yr 5/6

Cycle B - Term 2 Curriculum maps. Please click on the year groups:  Yr 1/2     Yr 3/4     Yr 5/6

Cycle B - Term 3/4 Curriculum maps.  Please click on the year groups: Yr 1/2   Yr 3/4    Yr 5/6

As a school, we have decided to follow the Kent scheme of work for Science. If you would like to see the overview for the year, please click here.

If you would like any more information on the whole school curriculum, please contact the school office and make an appointment to meet with Mrs de Roeck.

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