Pupil questionnaires

In May (2016) we gave the children the pupil questionnaire like last year. Once again, Mrs Shepherd will be speaking to any children whose responses concern us. Please click here to see Reception and KS1 and here for KS2.

In April (2016) Miss Missen gave us some questions to ask about our views on the sport on offer at Goat Lees. Please click here to find out what we said and also what improvements the school are going to be making.

In May (2015) we gave the children a pupil questionnaire. The older children answered theirs first and then they buddied up with the younger children to explain the questions to them. It was fantastic to see them sharing their thoughts on the school. The children have included their names on their questionnaires and Mrs Shepherd (our FLO) is going to meet with any children who have problems that they would like to discuss. Please click here to see Reception and Key Stage 1 and click here for Key Stage 2.

In Reception and Key Stage 1, the children wanted to work with the older children in the school so this year we started our 'houses' and had special days when we worked together. They also wanted to see an art gallery in the school so this year Ms Adams has chosen her favourite peices to go outside of her office. The children also suggested that we have some KS1 play leaders, this has been organised with some Year 2 children and we have made sure that the play leaders are available for KS1 lunch play.

Key Stage 2, the children wanted to do some more cooking so we have developed and introduced a food technology curriculum across the school. The older children wanted to have a basketball club which we arranged and this lead to a tournament out of school. They also wanted our playground to be developed so the 'Friends of Goat Lees' paid to have new markings. Hopefully we will be using the field soon!

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