Remote Learning

Remote learning is something that has always existed as children don’t just learn in school. However, in recent times we have found ourselves needing to support children with their learning at home like never before. Many children will be undertaking most of their education at home and as a school it is our role to do all we can to support this. It is a partnership between parents/carers, the children and the school and we know what a challenge this is for everyone concerned. Learning can take many forms and children will learn lots of valuable skills at home but we know this can be challenging. Remote learning cannot take the place of being in school and being taught directly but it can be a valuable experience where children cannot attend. We have chosen to use the Google Classroom platform as our main tool for delivering remote learning but we are also happy to provide paper packs or any other support if you request it. 

Please click here to view the remote learning provision for our school.

We have also put together a handy guide on how to use Google Classroom. Please click here if you would like to see it.


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