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Rita Hawes

During my time as Borough Councillor for the area I campaigned with others, over many years, for a school to be built. I was therefore delighted to be asked to join the Governing Body. Until my retirement, I taught at Highworth Grammar School and since then I have been a governor at The Towers School. Both our children attended Kennington Primary before attending secondary schools in Ashford. My wish is that Goat Lees Primary School will provide an excellent education for the local children and also become a focal point within the community.

Alan Norley

I have worked extensively in teacher education and development, quality assurance, education leadership, strategic planning and capacity building of educational establishments, (and more latterly systems) for 40 years. I began international work in 1990 and that work has currently taken him to more than 36 countries worldwide.I keep my feet on the ground in the UK as Chair of Governors of two primary schools, a service for children with behavioural problems and the East Kent Health Needs Education Service; and by being grandfather to seven lively granddaughters and one grandson.

Winston Michael

I am married and a father to four children with six grandchildren. I am a Borough Councillor for the area, known for my passion to see the needs of the young members of the community properly addressed. I have had forty-eight years business experience, of which thirty-six was spent in top management. In 1972, I founded a world-wide IT consultancy to provide business solutions to top companies across a variety of industries. I am a good listener, take a positive approach to matters, I have a “can do” attitude, and an achiever, all of which are skills to support in my role as governor at Goat Lees Primary School.

Brian Elliott

Originally from West Kent, my wife and I moved to Ashford some 25 years ago, we live in Gore Hill. Our three children attended St Marys Primary before attending secondary schools in Ashford. I work in London; commute each day, my background is in engineering, construction and project management. Giving back to the local community, 11 years ago I became a parent governor at The Towers School. I presently remain an Academy trustee. Invited and co-opted to Goat Lees governing body, I intend to use my experience to support, help, and challenge the School leadership and staff to provide an excellent school for all local children to attend and thrive.

Katie Missen

I am in my fifth year of teaching. I currently teach Year 3. Before teaching, I worked as a teaching assistant at another local primary school. I was born in Ashford and have lived here for the majority of my life so feel I have a lot of local knowledge about the area. I am the coordinator for P.E. and Science at Goat Lees and I have a keen interest in making sure that the children have the opportunity to be involved in as much sport as possible. I have a clear vision of what Goat Lees is aiming to achieve within our first few years as a new school but also looking into the future.

Gordon Brown

My name is Gordon Brown (no jokes please) and I am a Co-opted Governor for Goat Lees School.  I grew up and lived near Edinburgh, and moved down to Ashford in 2006.  I have a son who attends Goat Lees he was in the very first Reception class. I look forward to him progressing through the school as it grows.

James Beck

I am Dad to three of the children at the school and I run my own company for three days a week doing rocket science for the European Space Agency. I spend the rest of my time being a husband and father as well as doing a little work in the community with the school and St. Mary's Church. It is a privilege to be involved at such an exciting stage of the school's life.

Keith Dunkerley

I was born in Ashford and have lived in the town for all but 5 years of my life.
I am married and have 2 children and 1 granddaughter, all who have been educated locally.
I am now retired. Previously I spent 6 years actively involved in trade union work, followed by 28 years in a number of management positions.
I played cricket for 25 years, and table tennis for 35 years for local clubs, and now enjoy the occasional game of golf and walking our 2 cocker spaniels.

Tracy Edwards

I am a mother of two boys, one of whom is still at Goat Lees and the eldest has now moved on to his secondary education. I am delighted to a parent governor at Goat Lees and am very much looking forward to becoming more involved with the school. My current career background is with the John Lewis Partnership, in which I have been a member of one of the Governing bodies for the last three years. I am confident that this experience will hold me in good stead to broaden my knowledge into education.

Nicola Hills

I am a preschool manager of Towers Tiny Tots at Goat Lees Community and I run the after school club for Goat Lees Primary School. I have a passion for education and ensuring all children have the best start in life. I believe collaboratively working as a community is the best way to ensue this. I joined the governing body to allow me to understand and support another area of education.

Gaynor Reader

I have been teaching at Primary level for many years in various places in the UK and am still undertaking Supply Teaching - mainly at Key Stage 1.Since retiring from full time teaching I have been volunteering for the past few years, for a month at a time, in Central America. I have been teaching in the local Primary schools in a Province of Heredia, Costa Rica to teach the students British culture and British English. I really enjoy travelling and frequently travel to Boston to visit my daughter and her family, where I try to embrace the varied culture of her region - Maine USA. Also, I am an active member of the Hopewell Twinning Association based in Ashford to promote friendship between us and our American cousins .

Clerk to the Governing Body

Jacqui Wapshott as a member of KCC Clerking Service has supported the school since inception and continues to be a valued member of our team

Governors report to parents page 1             Governors report to parents page 2  JUNE 2017

Dr Alan Norley Partnership Governor Governing Body 14 November 2013 4 Years Vice Chair Company Director, Managing Director - Transformation Through Education Ltd, Director - Ospringe Children's Centre Trust Ltd. None





Mrs Rita Hawes Partnership Governor Governing Body 14 November 2013 4 Years Chair of FGB Strategy Team Retired Teacher None 22-Sep-16                  13/13
Mr Winston Michael Authority Governor LA/Governing Body 14 November 2013 4 Years Chair of Strategy Team Chairman Sandyacres Trust, Ashford Museum Supporter, Ashford Borough Councillor, Project Leader Local Neighbourhood Plan, St Mary's Church Ashford Bellringer. None 21-Sep-16                 10/13
Ms Teresa Adams Headteacher Governor Local Authority 11 July 2013 - 10 July 2112 Headteacher Director of Towers Tiny Tots Nursery and Pre-School. Headteacher 22-Sep-16                  13/13
Miss Katie Missen Staff Governor Staff Election 14 November 2014 4 Years Teacher Teacher in School Teacher in School 22-Sep-16                  7/8
Mr Gordon Brown Co-Opted Governor Governing Body 14 November 2013 4 Years None 22-Sep-16                  6/8
Mrs Tracy Edwards Parent Governor Parental Election 2 December 2015 4 years None None              6/6
Mr Brian Ellliott Co-Opted Governor Governing Body/H&S Governor 14 November 2013 4 Years None  22-Sep-16                    6/8
Mrs Andrea de Roeck Associate Member Governing Body/Strategy Team 23 October 2014 4 Years Strategy Deputy Headteacher in School 22-Sep-16                   12/13
Mr James Beck Parent Governor Parental Election Strategy Team 14 November 2013 4 Years Strategy Director of Belstead Research Ltd, Reader in the Church of England None 22-Sep-16                   11/13
Mrs Debra Endacott Associate Member Governing Body 23 September 2015 4 Years None Does not attend
Mrs Gaynor Reader Co-Opted Governor Governing Body 22 October 2015 4 Years Supply Teacher with Term Time Teachers Teaching Agency None 22-Sep-16                     5/7
Mr Keith Dunkerley Co-Opted governor Governing Body 22 October 2015 4 Years Retired Accountant None 22-Sep-16                     8/11
Miss Nicola Hills Co-Opted Governor Governing Body 22 October 2015 4 Years Pre-School Manager None              7/9

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