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Information Technology and the computing curriculum

Computing is a very important part of the Goat Lees curriculum. We believe all children should have access to suitable technology that will inspire their learning and allow for creativity. Pupils from reception to year 6 have access to in-class laptops and a dedicated computer suite time.

By the time the children leave us in Year 6 to further their education at secondary school, our aim is for all children to have a good level of computer literacy, knowing how to access files and navigate in the ever expanding digital world. In addition, we want children to learn the skills of computer science, knowing how the technology they use works and have a go at building it themselves. It is important that children know how to make the very best of the future that is quite literally at their fingertips. The children are given the opportunity to develop and apply their skills in all their lessons whether that is creating graphs in Math or blogs in English.

With so many advances and developments made in this area it is vital children are equipped with the knowledge and know how regarding their safety online. This is why we have a dedicate e-safety curriculum to support and educate children about the dangers and threats of using technology.

We have recently made a large investment into the resources of the computing curriculm. This includes a full class set of ipads which we hope the children will have access to very soon.

Don't forget to look out for computing clubs! Please click here to see our curriculum map for IT and computing.