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Rita Hawes. During my time as Borough Councillor for the area, I campaigned with others, over many years, for a school to be built. I was therefore delighted to be asked to join the Governing Body. Until my retirement, I taught at Highworth Grammar School and since then I have been a governor at The Towers School. Both our children attended Kennington Primary before attending secondary schools in Ashford. My wish has always been that Goat Lees Primary School will provide an excellent education for the local children and also become a focal point within the community.

Keith Dunkerley. I was born in Ashford and have lived in the town for all but 5 years of my life. I am married and have 2 children and 1 granddaughter, all who have been educated locally. I am now retired. Previously I spent 6 years actively involved in trade union work, followed by 28 years in a number of management positions.I played cricket for 25 years and table tennis for 35 years for local clubs, and now enjoy the occasional game of golf and walking our 2 cocker spaniels.

Winston Michael. I am married and a father to four children with six grandchildren. I am a Borough Councillor for the area, known for my passion to see the needs of the young members of the community properly addressed. I have had forty-eight years business experience, of which thirty-six was spent in top management. In 1972, I founded a world-wide IT consultancy to provide business solutions to top companies across a variety of industries. I am a good listener, take a positive approach to matters, I have a “can do” attitude, and an achiever, all of which are skills to support in my role as governor at Goat Lees Primary School.

Nicola Hills. I am a preschool manager of Towers Tiny Tots at Goat Lees Community Centre and I run the after school club for Goat Lees Primary School. I have a passion for education and ensuring all children have the best start in life. I believe collaboratively working as a community is the best way to ensue this. I joined the governing body to allow me to understand and support another area of education.

Gordon Brown - no jokes please!  I am a Co-opted Governor for Goat Lees School.  I grew up and lived near Edinburgh, and moved down to Ashford in 2006.  I have a son who attends Goat Lees he was in the very first Reception class. I have enjoyed watching him progress through the school each year.

Gaynor Reader. I have been teaching at Primary level for many years in various places in the UK and am still undertaking Supply Teaching - mainly at Key Stage 1. Since retiring from full time teaching, I have been volunteering for the past few years, for a month at a time, in Central America. I have been teaching in the local Primary schools in a Province of Heredia, Costa Rica to teach the students British culture and British English. I really enjoy travelling and frequently travel to Boston to visit my daughter and her family, where I try to embrace the varied culture of her region - Maine USA. Also, I am an active member of the Hopewell Twinning Association based in Ashford to promote friendship between us and our American cousins .

Darren Parris. I am in my fourth year of teaching. I currently teach Year 3 and have previously worked in year 1 and 2. Before teaching, I worked as a teaching assistant at Goat Lees so have a good understanding of how the school works. I was born in Ashford and have lived here for the majority of my life. As the computing lead at Goat Lees, I am passionate that the children are well prepared to safely and responsibly access the developing world around them. I am very excited to be apart of the Governing team and look forward to being part of the school's future.

Ian Cooper. I am a co-opted governor for Goat Lees Primary School. I am also a father to two fantastic children (one in primary and one in grammar school).  I have been involved in Public Sector Learning and Development for the past 13 years.  Whilst my background is adult education teaching, a lot of the skills I have learnt are transferrable.  I have previous governor experience and I am looking forward to utilising these skills for the benefit of the children here at Goat Lees.

Laura Leconte Pais. I am delighted to be a parent governor at Goat Lees to try and give something back to a school that gives so much to its children and their families/carers.  I believe that these early positive experiences have a great impact on the children's future and that collaborative work between  school and parents/carers is essential for children to achieve their potential. Both of my children who are now at secondary but had the privilege of joining this school when it first opened and benefited from its nurturing environment and fabulous staff.  I work as a freelance Interpreter within the Public Services which enables to empower those who would otherwise not be able to communicate efficiently.

Jane Hall

Melanie Fuller. I am a parent governor and I have two children who are currently pupils at Goat Lees school, so it is fantastic to be part of the governing board. I have lived in Ashford for 14 years, and living close to the school and I can see how important the connection between the school and the community is.​ I have been involved in the Friends of Goat Lees charity and try to get involved where I can with the fundraising events they organise. I also volunteer to listen to pupils reading, and find this really rewarding to see the children develop in their confidence and enjoy books.  I am a civil engineer and work for the Environment Agency in flood risk management, my role is focused around managing the funding and delivery of the maintenance programme on flood defences. I am also a STEM ambassador, which involves going into schools and encouraging science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines by sharing my experiences of the real world. Bringing my skills and perspective as a parent I hope to be an integral part of the governing team and help shape the schools future. 

Jacqui Wapshott as a member of KCC Clerking Service has supported the school since inception and continues to be a valued member of our team.

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