Ofsted report January 2020

On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June we were visited by two inspectors from Ofsted. We are now able to share the full report with you and I am delighted that Goat Lees Primary School has been recognised as such a successful school. The inspectors were keen to get a true picture of the school and I believe that they did as it was very much business as usual.

It is hard to believe that we only opened in September 2013 and in less than three years we have created a school that we can be incredibly proud of. This has been due to the amazing support from EVERYONE in our school community and we should all share together in this wonderful achievement.

Some of the highlights from the report are:

The leadership of the school has ‘been successful in creating a culture of high expectations in which good teaching and learning, and outstanding behaviour, flourish across the school’.

Pupils enjoy lessons and their attitudes to learning are excellent. They are highly motivated to achieve well and take pride in their work.

The quality of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is very strong and helps pupils show considerable sensitivity towards each other and to value and celebrate their differences.

In these constantly changing times, it is so important that the wellbeing of our children continues to be given such high priority. The level of respect within the school has been seen as an outstanding feature and this is something that we will continue to ensure in the future.

Please click here for the full report

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