Music at Goat Lees Primary School

At the heart of our curriculum lie our school values (respect, responsibility, honesty and pride) and these are reflected in the daily life of school:
• To provide an engaging music curriculum which is planned sequentially allowing children to develop their knowledge and skills
• To promote oracy in all aspects of learning and to encourage children to develop a wide, varied musical vocabulary which will support their skills when talking about and appraising music
• To provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful musicians with an awareness of future possibilities for themselves as composers and performers
• To allow our children to become part of the wider community; locally, nationally and globally in providing opportunities to collaborate with other groups in sharing and celebrating knowledge and skills in music
• To inspire and excite our children, and families, through a range of wider experiences
• To offer a safe, secure and enjoyable environment so children can reflect positively on their primary years as musicians with life-long skills
At Goat Lees, our music curriculum has been planned by the Music subject lead using the new Model Music Curriculum as a framework. Skills in music develop sequentially through the school and we utilise knowledge and skills of staff to provide a crosscurricular musical education. The music curriculum extends beyond this to include the wider opportunities provided at Goat Lees Primary School.
• Our teachers will have good subject knowledge and pedagogy. We strive to maintain and improve this through training, observing and undertaking research within our school and other schools in the Care Foundation Trust as well as through our local music hub, Kent Music.
• The National Curriculum (New Model Music Curriculum) is used as a basis for our school music curriculum. We build upon musical skills in Singing, Listening, Composing, Performing and Instrument Playing. There is sufficient flexibility within the school curriculum to allow for the interest of the children, the adults and the needs of the cohort
• We follow a two-year cycle for topics to allow for collaboration of colleagues across the school phases which promotes evolving and vibrant thinking. These topics can be integrated into the planned musical schemes by both specialist music teachers and non-specialist staff
• The music subject lead plans the school music curriculum to ensure knowledge and skills are developed in a logical and sequential order and other teaching staff use their own skills and knowledge to further enhance their own delivery of music lessons and activities
• Opportunities across the curriculum are provided to include speaking and listening skills to support the development of oracy especially when listening to and discussing music. This includes children’s appraisal of their own music and that of others
• We offer wider opportunities for our children to find out about and explore a variety of music and musicians. This includes collaborative events with both local and national primary and secondary schools as well as visits to and from professional musicians and groups, We encourage our families to engage with their children’s learning of musical instruments and families are invited throughout the year to see their children perform in school assemblies and productions
Everything we do at Goat Lees Primary School is done with the child’s well-being and progress at its heart. Positive relationships are built between pupils and staff which create a safe and happy environment to support learning.
• Children can talk clearly and knowledgeably about their learning and make connections between musical skills across the curriculum
• Children are able to use their musicianship to demonstrate what they have learnt through singing, playing instruments, listening, composing and performing
• Children make good progress from their starting points. They develop musical skills which develop their health and social and emotional needs
• Children with SEND achieve the best possible outcomes and realise their potential with musical skills
• Children leave Goat Lees Primary School ready for a successful transition to music education at secondary school

Peripatetic music lessons

In addition to our class music lessons, we also offer tuition in keyboard, drums, guitar, violin, flute and trumpet. Our aim is to give all our children the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. With this in mind, we fund part of the cost so that this can be enjoyed by all who would like to learn. If your child has lessons, there are instruments available to hire from us so your child can also practice at home.

All classes enjoy listening to music and learning about styles throughout history and across the world. We have visiting musicians who come to share their talents with us and have enjoyed the ‘Bach to the Future’ Roadshow and an African Drumming workshop. We regularly take part in music events around Kent and London and join with other schools to celebrate our children’s achievements. These include collaborations with other local schools such as 'Carols by Candlelight' as well as the well known Young Voices choir concert at the O2.

If you would like to find out more about music at Goat Lees or would like to ask us any questions please ​email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to Ms Barcham who is based in our performing arts room - what an inspiring place to learn to play an instrument!​

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Just a few notes:

  • If your child is borrowing an instrument from the school they will be given their instrument soon after commencing lessons. If your child is using their own instrument please make sure they bring it in on the correct day.
  • When committing to instrumental lessons, parents are asked to sign an agreement with the school. This is available on request. The agreement outlines the schools policy on instrumental lessons at school.
  • Payment for lessons should be made via sQuid at the beginning of term.
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