Intent, Implementation and Impact


At the heart of our curriculum lie our school values (respect, responsibility, honesty and pride) and these are reflected in the daily life of school.

Our Art lessons are informed by the national curriculum and are based around cross-curricular links to our History and Geography lessons as well as themes which run across the whole school. Our aim is that through the teaching of Art, our pupils will:

  • Be provided with an engaging curriculum through which they feel safe to express their creativity and imagination.
  • Be inspired to create their own artwork by studying a wide range of artists and styles of art.
  • Develop their artistic skills and vocabulary across the key themes of: colour, pattern, texture, value, shape, form, space and line.
  • Be provided the opportunity to use a range of mediums such as: watercolour, paint, pastels, oil pastels, clay etc.
  • Feel confident to experiment in and take ownership of using a sketchbook to develop their skills and ideas.


At Goat Lees, our yearly overview has been planned by the Art subject lead to ensure knowledge and skills develop sequentially through the school. The School Curriculum incorporates the National Curriculum but extends beyond this to include the wider opportunities provided at Goat Lees Primary School.

  • Our teachers will have good subject knowledge and pedagogy. We strive to maintain and improve this through training, observing and undertaking research within our school and other schools in the Care Foundation Trust and secondary school outreach.
  • The National Curriculum is used as a basis for our school curriculum. We build upon artistic skills each year for example in using watercolours and drawing. There is sufficient flexibility within the school curriculum to allow for the interest of the children, the adults and the needs of the cohort.
  • Teachers use the Art Subject lead’s whole school curriculum planning to plan individual lessons to ensure knowledge and skills are developed in a logical and sequential order. We follow a set structure learning about a skill or artist, experimenting before producing a final piece – learn, experiment, do.
  • We encourage children to use their artistic skills in lessons across the curriculum
  • We provide opportunities across the curriculum to include speaking and listening skills to support the development of oracy
  • We offer wider opportunities for our children to find out about and explore a variety of art and artists. This includes, workshops, virtual interactive experiences and art days. We encourage our families to engage with their children’s learning in Art through attending the Art Exhibition at the end of the year


By the time the children leave Goat Lees Primary School, they should have developed:

  • The ability to talk clearly and knowledgeably about their learning and make connections between artistic skills across the curriculum
  • The ability to use and demonstrate what they have learnt in a variety of ways and in different mediums, for example in their sketchbooks and final pieces
  • Good progress from their starting points, which may include supporting their social and emotional needs
  • A passion for art and expressing their creativity.

If you would like to find out more about our areas of study, please click here for the whole school curriculum map for Art.

Our teachers then use our art curriculum document to help them plan individual lessons. Please click here to see an example of this.

 If you would like to see how our Early Years Curriculum links to the Art curriculum in years 1-6, please click here.

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