Young Leaders

We are your young leaders, we all attended the training at Towers Secondary School. The day started off with the children discussing, in groups, what they thought made a good leader. Key words such as communication, patience and organisation were suggested. The children then got to demonstrate teamwork by working together to solve problems in a game. This included them being able to talk, only the leader being able to talk and completing the activity in silence to entice other ways of communicating with one another. Then the children got the chance to organise, set up and lead an activity. They had to set up a challenge for the other schools in attendance and explain and demonstrate to them how to complete the challenge. This encouraged the children to put into practise all the skills mentioned at the beginning of the session. Finally, children were asked to plan how they were going to have an impact in their own school and what kind of things they would like to get involved in. Let's just say they have created a lot more work with their fabulous ideas! We now have regular meetings and we make sure that you have plenty to do at playtime.

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