Goat Lees French Curriculum

At Goat Lees, every child throughout the school from Reception to Year 6 has the opportunity to study French as our chosen foreign language. Authenticity and singing are very much a part of learning French at Goat Lees. From Reception right up to Year 6, pupils enjoy the different sounds and words of a second language by playing with them, listening to them and experimenting with them in games, stories, songs. From Year 3, the ‘Tout le Monde’ programme is used and a phonics programme is implemented throughout the school to support the learning of French sounds and spellings.

The children will encounter the following topics:

Reception: Nursery rhymes, farm animals, number 1-10, colours songs and stories

Year 1: greetings, colours, numbers up to 31 Christmas in France, days of the week (La Chenille qui fait des trous), fruits, weather, pirates, seaside, members of the family, La surprise de Handa.

Year 2: more greetings, Les trois Petits Cochons (3 little Pigs) body parts, clothes, classroom instructions, months of the year, Christmas in France, age, numbers up to 50, La Surprise de Handa.

Year 3: Revision of topics taught in year 2, my body, classroom objects and instructions, ages and birthdays, differences between a French and an English town, likes and dislikes.

Year 4: Revision of topic taught in year 3, animals, months of the year, saying the full date in French, writing numbers up to 20, French traditional festivals, names of rooms in a house, means of transport, members of the family, hobbies.

Year 5: Names of places in town, musical instruments and animals, adjectives to describe personality, using adverbs, food and recipes

Year 6: Names of places in a town, gym routines, activities and opinions, introducing and describing ourselves, shopping for food and ordering in a restaurant.

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