Pygora Class

2019 -2020

Term 3

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Term 2

Term 2 has been so busy! As well as preparing for the Christmas production with the rest of KS2, we have been learning about Greek Mythology, exploring a range of myths as well as acting out and writing our own. In our topic, we have looked at how important the Ancient Greeks were and have had lots of fun researching about their amazing civilisation and key individuals who helped shape our society today. We had a go at creating some Greek vases and tried to move water using an Archimedes screw which we each built. In Science we have been studying 'Earth and Space' we have had a fascinating time taking a virtual tour of our solar system, learning new facts about the planets and creating our own mobile solar systems! We’ve learnt that as a class we have a keen interest in space travel and the moon.

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Term 1

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In Pygora Class we have been looking at how trains have shaped and changed Ashford over the years. Through this, we had an art day where we used different techniques to show trains in motion. We also created our own modes of transport that could have been used instead of trains in the future. Some of these involved flying buses, while others looked towards a more environmentally friendly method of travel by recycling rubbish, vegetable juice and water, and burning it for fuel. We’ve spent an afternoon acting as town planners, creating the perfect town to live in based around train lines and the train industry, we included hospitals, schools, homes and wide open green spaces. In KIC theatre with Ian, we used drama to focus on our fiction text 'The Lost Thing' and thought about how it would feel to be lost and what effect humans are having upon beaches and the wildlife that inhabits it.

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