Pygora Class

2022 -2023

Term 1 and 2
Pygora class have settled really well into year 5, and we have had a great first two terms. In Term 1 they loved learning about space and had some interesting questions - even if we did find it hard to get our heads around how large space is! They especially loved making the phases of the moon from Oreos and came up with some mnemonics to help them remember the order of the planets: My Vicious Elephant Makes Jelly Sneakily Until Noon. The children worked with texture to create volcano art which linked with our topic of natural disasters, and in groups wrote their own news reports about the arrival of some terrible storms. We enjoyed having Kik Theater, as well as a drama workshop from Towers school; this term we then got to go and watch a performance of a play they created with some characters we had come up with. In Term 2, the children have really loved our topic of WW2 and have been engrossed in the lessons. We kicked off with an evacuee day and did a variety of activities: dressing up, making war-time cake, walking to the local war memorial with year 6 and hearing/asking question to Miss Chapman's dad who was a child at the end of the war - they couldn't quite believe what school used to be like! Pygora created some beautiful poetry about the war, which they displayed over some lovely watercolour pencil drawings. Being the year 5 class, we also had the job of doing the main parts in our Christmas production of 'No one wraps like an elf'. The children did such an amazing job of learning their lines and songs and working on projecting their voices (we really do have some amazing actors and actresses) and they all improved so much from our first rehearsal to final performance. I truly am so proud of what they achieved. We finished off the term with some Christmas activities and impressively they all managed to learn blanket stitch to make their own miniature stuffed toys for DT. 

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