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Term 5

In Science, we tested which material had the best insulating properties. We then designed and made our own cup holder using the results from previous tests. Following this, tested these to see which design was the best insulator. We learnt that the cup holder with a lid kept in the most heat. In Topic we looked at some photographs from Ashford in the past. We then recreated the scenes and created a freezeframe.

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Term 3 and 4

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Term 2

In Term 2 , we studied World War Two looking at how the war changed life for women. We looked at jobs that women did before, during and after the war and how their attitudes changed due to the rise of the suffragettes. We had a local resident visit us and told us all about life in the war. She showed us many artefacts from that time and answered lots of our questions.

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Term 1

In term 1 our big question was ‘What on earth is a Natural Disaster?’ The children learnt about different types of natural disasters – where they happen and why, they went on a rescue mission and found out about how disasters can affect local communities. Mrs Owen enjoyed building shelters at the start of the year, she particularly enjoyed sprinkling them with water! In science, our topic was ‘Animals including humans.’ A memorable moment for term 1 was the news reporting where we reported from the scene of a hurricane – once again it involved us getting wet and making the teachers laugh!

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