Kinder Class

2022 -2023

Term 1

Our first topic of the year we looked at the question, `What did the Romans ever do for us? ` To start answering this, we created a timeline of the Empire, looking at its expansion across Europe and created a map to show their conquests. After we looked in more detail at the Romans invasion of Britain and the role of Hadrian’s wall in separating occupied land. Throughout this term we took a particular focus on the role of the Roman army. At the end of term, we created our own Roman shields which we used  to battle the mighty Cashmere Legion of the Roman Army. We ensured that we created Roman battle formations to defend ourselves such as Testudo.

We also took part in a wonderful Kic theatre session where we learnt about our book for this term The Journey. We had great fun pretending to travel through portals and enchanted lands using only the power of our magic crayon.

Term 2

For our second topic of the term, we looked at the question, ‘Why is it our responsibility to look after the countryside? ` At the beginning, we learnt the meaning of the word 'Urbanisation' and debated why building across the green spaces in any area is a negative thing. We became so enthused by it that we wrote letters to our local MP arguing for or against the re development on the green spaces in Ashford. We then learnt about how Ashford has changed over time. Using the power of modern technology, we looked at maps of Ashford and saw that over time it has expanded. We discussed and came to the conclusion that we have built more homes and shops to provide for people within the town.

Luckily this term we had the opportunity to play in the snow: we had great fun building snowmen and writing in the snow.

We finished the term by celebrating Christmas. We had a lively class party where we ate food, played games and left feeling very festive. We also had a marvellous Christmas dinner which was extremely delicious!

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