Kinder Class

2023 -2024

Term 3

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 3.

This term has been a short but productive term in Kinder Class. We have still worked very hard to produce lots of excellent work and I am still very proud of the effort the children have put in as they continue to work hard.

In English, we have looked at a picture poetry book called ‘How to wash a Woolly Mammoth’. Through exploring the book, we retold the story and then made our own Woolly Mammoths following instructions as our guide. Finally, as a class we worked out how we would wash a Woolly Mammoth and wrote some brilliant instructions to help others if they found themsleves in the same predicament..

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplication and division. We have used our timetables knowledge to apply ourselves in learning the methods for short multiplication and the bus stop method for division.  

In History, we have explored this question: ‘When did our civilisation begin, Stone, Bronze or Iron Age?’ We found out: when the Stone Age happened; what else was happening around the world at the same time as the Stone Age in Britain; how the settlments and dwellings changed during this time, what tools and weapons were developed in this time and finally and how the people changed from hunting and gathering to farming. Throughout this topic we had great fun in building Stone Age weapons and making Stone Age pots.

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Term 2

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 2.

We've had lots of fun in Kinder Class this term! The children have worked extremely hard and I am very proud of the effort they continue to put into their work.  In English, we have studied a Picture Poetry book called ‘A First Book of Nature’. We explored the poems within the book and found the language features in poetry writing.  We acted as if we were some of the animals and then wrote our own poems based on an animal of our choice.  

In Maths, we have started to look at multiplication and division. We looked at how to multiple by 3, 4 and 8 and how we could divide by these amounts as well. We also what a multiple is and how we could recognise numbers that belong in the 2, 4 and 10 times tables.    

In Geography, we explored whether it is our responsibility to look after the countryside and the effect of urbanisation is on Ashford. Lots of the class became eco warriors and were definitely against building even more on our countryside. We then wrote a letter to our local MP trying to persuade him to stop building on the countryside around Ashford: we debated this issue in court to help us. 

Finally, the children really enjoyed our class Christmas party. We danced, ate lots of party food and had a wonderful time. The children also did a super job at singing at our Christmas production.  

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Term 1

Please click here for our curriculum map for Term 1.

We have had a very busy term in Year 3.   The children have worked extremely hard and I am very proud of the effort they have put into their work. In English, we have been using a lovely picture book called ‘The Journey’. We explored the book, with the help of Ian from Kic Theatre, we acted out parts of the story and finally wrote our own continuations of the story for our class governor to read. We also created an information text about the history of trains which we published for our class display board.

In Maths we have looked at the place value of number and started to learn how to answer addition and subtraction questions using the column method.

In History, we were finding out whether Ashford has changed due to the development of its railway. We loved the topic and completed some fabulous home learning all about different locomotives.

In October, we celebrated Harvest Festival where we focused on the country of Italy and how they celebrate harvest. We also created collages of different fruits. Later in the term, we supported #Hello Yellow for World Mental Health Day and made our own worry dolls. In DT, we created some brilliant castles and had lots of fun doing it.

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