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Term 5

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Term 3

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Term 2

For term 2, our BIG question is ‘Why should we protect the countryside?’ We are also looking forward to creating fantasy stories from scratch.   

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Term 1

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In Term 1, Kinder class have been focusing on the BIG question ‘What ever did the Romans do for us?’ During the term, the students learnt all about different battle formations, the many achievements of the Roman Empire and they also researched what the Romans did for Britain.  However, what they enjoyed doing the most was having a battle using different formations. To begin with, they lined up in ‘Testudo’ (tortoise) formation and they attacked year 4 by throwing balls at them to see how strong they were. Following this, they had model shields and a battering ram as well as carrying their chairs to walk along. The most memorable moment of Term 1 was the battle against year 4 who ran away like chickens!


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