Kinder Class

2021 -2022

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Term 2

This term we’ve been lucky enough to have some visitors in, we’ve learnt about road safety and how to use them safely as a pedestrian. We’ve also had a visitor come in from Godinton House who has been kind enough to deliver some fantastic sessions for our outdoor learning, where we made smores and Christmas decorations, learnt all about wildlife and the trees we have in our school, we made fires and learnt all about fire safety. It’s been a wonderful time that the children really got stuck into and enjoyed. In our topic lessons we’ve been learning about the formations and uses of mountains, we created some amazing leaflets all about mountains and made some models out of chicken wire and mod-roc and they turned out brilliantly. We had a lot fun learning our Christmas songs for the production this year and it turned out so well, we hope you all of you who came to watch it enjoyed it.

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Term 1

KIC theatre - At the beginning of term, we had a visit from KIC theatre. We explored our new story, Journey, and used acting to demonstrate how we could overcome different any challenges and problems that our character could face.

Topic - In our topic, we were looking at planning our own towns. We had to think about the layout of our towns, what things we would need and where it would be best to have them. We studied the changes in Ashford to help us think about what our town would need and how it might change in the future.  

English - After reading our fiction book, Journey, we looked at overcoming problems and then created our own island, where our character would face many challenges along their own journey. Together we came up with different ways our character could overcome these obstacles and safely find a way home with their new friend.

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