Angora class

2023 -2024

Term 4

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 4.

This term we have been learning about 'What it is like to live in the UK'.  We have learned lots about England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including landmarks for each place and the capital cities - we especially like Edinburgh Castle and The Angel of the North!  We shared the story 'The Queen's Handbag' and used it as inspiration to act out and write our own versions, using the landmarks we learned about in Geography.  We have loved learning about animals and Spring in Science, including what different animals eat and how we can group them.  Lots of us have enjoyed sharing evidence of Spring that we have found! In Maths we have been busy adding and subtracting up to 20, and learning how numbers up to 50 are made using tens and ones.  

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Finding Pictures Of The Queen For English

Term 3

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 3.

Term 2

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 2.

Where do we live? Angora class have been out and about to answer this term's question, looking at road and street signs, as well as investigating signs of our changing seasons.  We have even designed a leaflet for new parents and visitors to the school!  In English we have helped the character Birt solve a dilemma in 'On Sudden Hill', writing letters to advise him on his friendship issues.   There has been lots of adding and subtracting with the children learning simple strategies and ways to record.  In PE we have been practising football as well as becoming archers - we are now experts at using a bow and arrow!  In RE we have been exploring what is means to be a Muslim.  The Christmas spirit has overtaken us, with our play 'Hosanna Rocks', our Christmas party and Christmas lunch.  We finished the term with making our own Christmas puppets in DT.

Christmas Lunch 3
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Term 1 

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This term Year 1 have been exploring the story of the Gruffalo!  We have enjoyed retelling the story and making up our own stories.   In History we have been investigating what has changed since our Grandparents were young, comparing artefacts from now and then such as toys and household gadgets.  One of our grandparents visited so that we could interview an expert!  We have loved learning about different materials in Science, investigating materials around us as well as making links with our History by comparing how things were made in the past to now. In Maths we have been looking at numbers up to 10, how they are made, and comparing them to each other.  In October we celebrated #HelloYellow day for World Mental Health Day and made positive slinkies!  

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Timeline 2
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