Pygmy class

2021 -2022

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Term 2

We've had  a very busy term in year 6. Our BIG question for this term was 'How did the Ancient Greeks influence our lives today?' We explored architecture and technology, the Olympics, language and alphabet, theatre and the role of fighting in Ancient Greek society. We used pots to find out about life in Ancient Greek times and we learnt how to question whether a source is reliable or not. In English, we wrote our own Greek myths and looked at the democratic system in Athens. We then had to decide whether we would rather live in Athens or Sparta which resulted in a heated debate! 

Thankfully we got to celebrate Christmas in true Goat Lees style. KS2 managed to get together to perform 'Christmas around the world' which certainly got our parents in the Christmas spirit. Our kitchen provided us with a delicious Christmas lunch and we also had a class Christmas party complete with games and dancing.

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Term 1

Welcome back Pygmy class! We've had a great time getting to know you and teaching you this term.

KIC Theatre - We started the term of with KIC Theatre. We learned about homelessness, which linked to our book, ‘Way Home’. We thought about how people would feel, and the reasons why they might be homeless.

Restart a Heart - Archie from the Fire Service came in a taught us some life-saving skills: how to put someone into the recovery position, how to complete chest compressions, and how to use a defibrillator.

Topic - As part of our topic ‘How did the invention of trains change Ashford?’, we talked about Navvies. We thought about how they were treated, and created freeze frames to show what might have happened. Throughout this topic, we also looked at the invention of trains and how they changed over time and also how the railworks changed Ashford as a town.

Navvies 2
Navvies 3
Restart Heart
Restart Heart 2
Restart Heart 3
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