Pygmy class

2020 -2021

Term 1

KIC theatre - At the beginning of term, we had a visit from KIC theatre. We explored our feelings around our experiences of lockdown, and looked at how we can deal with these feelings. It was nice to know that we weren't alone in the experiences we had.

Design Technology – volcanoes. We created our own volcanoes using chicken wire, Modroc and newspaper. They were quite tricky to build, but we think they look fantastic now that they have been painted and labelled. 

Shelter building - As part of our topic on natural disasters, we built shelters on our school field. We tested them at the end to see if they would withstand rain – some of us were more successful than others!

Earthquakes - We built towers using marshmallows and cocktail sticks – the challenge was to make a tower that could withstand an earthquake. We used jelly as a base and then wobbled it to simulate the movement of the earth in an earthquake.

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