Pygmy class

2019 -2020

Term 3

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KIC theatre - We kick-started the year off with KIC theatre! This time, it was based on our topic of North and South America. We had a whistletop tour of all the countries and states in these two continents!

Science. This term’s science topic was electricity. We investigated circuits, and played a game of ‘sabotage’, where we had to secretly change another team’s circuit to stop it from working. We then had to work out what had happened to our own circuit. We finished our topic by creating scarecrows, which had lights, buzzers and motors. Some of our creations worked better than others!

Science Sabotage 1
Science Sabotage 2
Science Sabotage 3
Science Scarecrow
Science Scarecrow 2
Science Scarecrow 3

Term 2

This term has been incredibly busy and flown by! Explore learning came to visit us and gave us a maths challenge! We had to plot a visit round a museum to find different types of routes, such as the route that showed the most exhibits. We really had to communicate well in our teams, and use the logical part of our brains! For Computer Science week, Mr Mortimer came in and helped us build mini robots. We then modified them to enable us to play Robot Wars. We had an amazing time! This term in Science, we studied evolution and inheritance. We created our own experiment to find out how birds’ beaks have evolved to suit different diets, and we looked at how fossils show the evolution of animals. We also managed to fit in a bit of fun at Christmas.

IMG 0769
IMG 0851
IMG 0873
Explore 2
Explore 3
Explore 4
Explore Learning 1
Robot 1
Robot 2
Robot 3
Robot 4
Sceince 5
Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4
Science 6

Term 1

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Science – Blood! We made our own model of blood! We used sweets to represent the different components (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma). We had to make sure we used the correct amount of sweets so that the model was as accurate as possible.

Computing. During our computing sessions, we focussed on how to create short films using green screen techniques. We used the program DoInk, and we had great fun experimenting with different backgrounds!

English. In English we studied the book ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder. It tells the story of a ‘stranger’ that washes up on an island, and the various reactions of the islanders themselves. To help us understand  the story better, we took part in lots of drama, including a visit from KIC Theatre.

English 3
English 4
English 5
English 6
Green Screen 1
Green Screen 2
Green Screen 4
Green Screen 5
Science Blood 1
Science Blood 2
Science Blood 3
Science Blood 4
Science Blood 5

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