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Term 3

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Term 2

Term 2 was incredibly busy as is always the case with the Christmas term. The children worked really hard and enjoyed learning about WW2 and in particular the role of women at this time. At the end of term the children decided what they wanted to research in order to write their chronological report. These were some of the topics chosen: weapons in WW2, The role of black people in WW2 and also what happened to children during the war. Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their families - this really helped in our Science lessons to look at genes and work out who we got certain features from. Of course we had great fun at the end of term at our class Christmas party!

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Term 1

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For term 1, our big question was 'What on earth is a natural disater?' We found out about a lot of different natural disasters, what causes them and where they most frequently occur. As part of our research and learning, we thought about an evacuation plan and how we would help people by getting aid to them. We also made and tested different structures to see which ones could withstand an earthquake - the jelly and marshmallows came in handy! Our Science topic was looking at our bodies and how we should look after them, we also explored the circulatory system. At the end of term, we ran a well-being clinic to teach year 3 and 4.  


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