Cashmere class

2021 -2022

Term 4

In Term 5, Cashmere went on our class trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford, in preparation for our Term 6 English writing. We had all been incredibly excited since finding out where we were going, and to prepare ourselves, on the Friday before we went, we found out what house we were in, tried some Bertie botts every flavour beans and watched the first film. We had to get to school early on the day of our trip, where we picked up our new house tie before getting on the coach. Luckily, the journey up was smooth without any traffic, so when we arrived, we had plenty of time to have a snack and stretch our legs. 
We all had to go through security (no issues there), then were amazed at the life-sized dragon hanging from the ceiling - we stopped for a class photo before entering the cinema section where we watched all eight films back-to-back - only joking! Next was the main part of the tour. All of us got a passport in which we could collect stamps on the way round and which gave us clues for spotting mini Cornish pixies.  We saw so many sets including: the great hall, Gryffindor common room, Hagrid's hut, the ministry of magic, the forbidden forest and the Hogwarts express. We also all got to have our picture taken on a broom Infront of a green-screen to make it look as though we were trying to catch a snitch.
We stopped for lunch around half way, it was lovely and sunny, and we all got to try some butterbeer (which most of us liked). The tour finished with a large model of Hogwarts which was fantastic then finally through the shop and back onto the coach. By this point everyone, including the teachers, were exhausted, and although it was warm on the coach, we had a good journey home to arrive back at school on time. 
Everyone had a great time and the whole class were well behaved and such good representatives of the school. 
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Term 3

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This term, we started our topic of the rainforest. We learnt about where in the world tropical rainforests are located and the difference between the climate there and in the UK. In one of our lessons we found out about how the tribes of the rainforest live, made our own version of a yanos (a communal circular house), tried sleeping on the floor and made replica clothes using crepe paper. Our art this term linked to the rainforest as we studied two artists, Henri Rousseau and John Dyer (who we are later this year having a zoom draw-a-long with) and then created our own rainforest painting using layering techniques. We looked at the book Jumanji in our English lessons, then created our own adventure board games for which we wrote detailed instructions on how to play. To start our maths work on fractions, we were very lucky that Dominos donated us 5 free pizzas. We used these to visualise: numerators and denominators, adding/subtracting fractions and equivalent fractions -  of course, the most exciting part was getting to eat their one tenth of a pizza at the end! There was also the buzz of getting our own eggs to hatch, we named our class’ chick Nugget Karen Cashmere (as voted by the children), and they loved getting to hold them once they had got large enough! 

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Term 1

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We started off our term with a fantastic Kic theatre session with Ian, based on our book – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children took on the roles of the golden ticket winners (we had some great impressions of Veruca Salt) then acted out travelling down the chocolate river and visiting different rooms of the factory. To finish our book, we wrote instructions on how to make chocolate lollipops which of course we then had to have a go at making! We learned about teeth and digestion in Science and used play dough to make our own models of our teeth. For our end to our topic about Ashford, we thought about what is important to a town then designed our own using Lego to show where our buildings would go.  We finished off the term with our mindfulness afternoon where we played name that tune, everyone was super focused on helping their team and listened incredibly well to all the songs.

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