Cashmere class

2023 -2024

Term 1 

 Please click here for our curriculum map for Term 1.

This term Cashmere have been looking at the question ‘How does water change the landscape?’. This unit of work has crossed into both Geography and our English lesson as we've created some amazing stories from a book about saving wildlife and their habitats and also have written some letters to water companies informing them of the dire consequences of their water pollution on humans, animals and the environment. We've had debates about different courses of action they should be taking and tried to understand both viewpoints in order to create aa fair and balanced argument. Also, we have covered the effects water has on our coasts through various forms of erosion and recreated a visual display to show the effects of constructive and destructive waves on beaches and shorelines. We have also carried out an experiment to see what kind of sea defense was the most successful in helping to reduce the effects of erosion on the land. 

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