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2023 -2024

Term 4

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We used the short-animated clip called ‘Spy Fox’ to kickstart our writing this term, it was about a secret agent who needed to defeat Doctor Doom to save the planet from flooding! From this clip we designed and created our own secret spy gadgets to help out any agent in the field, from inflatable bouncing shoes, to secret spy glasses we created some wonderfully imaginative devices. After this our write was linked to our History topic which was all about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We wrote some instructions for how to mummify someone and then a non-chronological report on Cleopatra. This also linked to our Art work where we created some canopic jars.

The Ancient Egyptians – In our History lessons, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and its greatest achievements. We first looked at the different periods that the civilisation spanned across before focusing on a more specific period in time. We covered some amazing features including: Egypt’s natural features which allowed their civilisation to thrive, to their belief in the afterlife, their trade and farming practices and the most interesting of all, mummification and tombs!

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Term 3

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We have been studying the book 'The Great Kapok Tree' this term, which was about how a man went to cut down a magnificent tree in the rainforest but was persuaded by the animals of the rainforest not to. From this text, we acted out certain scenes, capturing the emotions felt by the various animals. We then conducted research about different animals we could find in the rainforest and created fact files on our animal. We then wrote play scripts so we were able to act out a scene with our animals convincing the man to not cut down the Great Kapok Tree. As a class we picked out our favourite play scripts before performing them to the rest of the class.

The Rainforest – in our Geography lessons, we have been learning about the rainforest. We have learnt where the rainforests are located in the world and how each one is slightly different. We looked at the four layers of the rainforest and what their climate and ecosystem are like as each layer is very different. The various threats that are destroying the rainforests were particularly interesting and emotive. We decided that the rainforest is so important that we will do everything we can to promote its worth to the school and to protect it as best we can. 

We were lucky enough to have the experience of an adventure day at Kingswood. This was one of the prizes which the school won for our environmental work. We completed obstacle courses, climbed as high as 30ft in the Jungle Vines activity and worked together to complete the Night Line Course. The last challenge was definitely one of our favourites, considering how muddy and slippery it was, it made everyone laugh, particularly Mr Harlow!  

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Term 2

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We have been studying the book The Orchard Book of Greek Myths this term, which contains several famous Greek Myths including: The 12 Labours of Heracles, King Midas, Perseus and Theseus and the Minotaur. From these texts we acted them out, capturing the emotions felt by characters as they faced monsters, demons and completed difficult trials, before going on to write our own versions of these Greek myths with characters, monsters and weapons that we designed.

Then we learnt about a few different poetry structures such as Tanka, Cinquains and Haikus. We studied some famous poems before writing our own ones which we then performed to Year 6.

In our History lessons, we have been learning about the achievements of the Ancient Greek civilisation and what their legacy was upon the Western World. We have looked at the legacy of the Olympic Games, their use of democracy, language and currency. We investigated and ranked the most important features and had a debate about which we believed had the most impact upon our society.

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Term 1 

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This term Cashmere have been looking at the question ‘How does water change the landscape?’. This unit of work has crossed into both Geography and our English lesson as we've created some amazing stories from a book about saving wildlife and their habitats and also have written some letters to water companies informing them of the dire consequences of their water pollution on humans, animals and the environment. We've had debates about different courses of action they should be taking and tried to understand both viewpoints in order to create aa fair and balanced argument. Also, we have covered the effects water has on our coasts through various forms of erosion and recreated a visual display to show the effects of constructive and destructive waves on beaches and shorelines. We have also carried out an experiment to see what kind of sea defense was the most successful in helping to reduce the effects of erosion on the land. 

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