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Term 3

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Term 2

What an exhausting and exciting term 2 we had!

We visited Mr Emmerich’s house to gain inspiration for our own fantasy stories which we wrote in English. It was very exciting to be able to explore such an amazing and mysterious garden!

In Science, we got into the inner workings of our digestive systems – have a look at the model stomachs we made. We learnt a lot about how our food is made into energy and how waste is eventually excreted. This was our favourite part!

Towards the end of term, we had a visit from our class governor, Mr Dunkerly. He watched us hold a debate about the benefits and drawbacks of building on green spaces, in particular, our school field. Our passion and outrage at potentially losing the school field was encouraging to see and we are definitely NOT building on it.

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Term 1

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Last term our BIG question was ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’ we thoroughly enjoyed researching this! Throughout the term, the children found out about Roman battle formations, the mighty Roman Empire, mosaics as well as Roman weapons and shields. We also explored how the Romans helped to shape Britain. One of our memorable moments from term one was when year 3 and year 4 had an epic battle on the school field. We used the battle formations which they had found out about and we saw why they were so successful.

In science we were learning about sound and as we like to make a lot of noise, we had a lot of fun!



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