Cashmere class

2022 -2023

Term 1 and 2

Over Term 1 we had a great start to the academic year, looking at The Romans, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, teeth and so much more! We were fortunate enough to have Ian come in from KIC Theatre, who gave us a better insight into the life of a typical Roman soldier.  We then used our drama skills and facial expressions to act out different parts of a Roman soldier’s journey to Britain. Once we had created out armour and shields, we tested their effectiveness in different formations such as Testudo and The Wedge, which was great fun, particularly for the adults who threw the dodgeballs, and carried out a larger scale invasion in a fierce battle with Year 3. We also had great fun making our own chocolate creations when looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, many chocolate and sugary sweets were combined to make some amazing treats. In Term 2 we were looking at protecting our countryside and the wildlife within it. We carried out lots of research about different animals and flora we can find in Kent. We also studied the lives of certain individuals who have dedicated their life to conservation and protecting wildlife. We spent time looking at The Polar Express and used it to help us write some descriptive newspaper articles before celebrating our success by watching the film in our pyjamas with some hot chocolate! The class have done brilliantly so far this term and I know we’ll be just as successful in Term 3!



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