Cashmere class

2021 -2022

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Term 1

We started off our term with a fantastic Kic theatre session with Ian, based on our book – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children took on the roles of the golden ticket winners (we had some great impressions of Veruca Salt) then acted out travelling down the chocolate river and visiting different rooms of the factory. To finish our book, we wrote instructions on how to make chocolate lollipops which of course we then had to have a go at making! We learned about teeth and digestion in Science and used play dough to make our own models of our teeth. For our end to our topic about Ashford, we thought about what is important to a town then designed our own using Lego to show where our buildings would go.  We finished off the term with our mindfulness afternoon where we played name that tune, everyone was super focused on helping their team and listened incredibly well to all the songs.

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