Alpine class

2019 -2020

Term 3

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At the start of our topic on finding out about Africa, we had a drumming workshop where we were learning African songs and rhythms. It was great fun! We have also been doing some junk modelling this term.  Our task was to design something that could come to life using the objects from our book ‘The building boy.’ We then tried to make it using junk modelling. As part of our careers week, we had a visit from the police. We were able to try on some of their uniform, use the riot gear and we got to sit in the back a police van.

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Term 2

We made bug hotels as part of the school council competition. As part of our stunning start, we made bread just like what would have been baked in Thomas Farriner’s bakery that started the Great Fire of London. In Science, we looked at what everyday materials are made from. We found items made of plastic in our surroundings and discussed why it would have been made from plastic. After making houses, Mr Henry helped us to burn them safely. As you can see, we enjoyed making (and eating) our own sandwiches.

Children Rebuilt London After The Great Fire Of London
IMG 0609
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Term 1

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