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2021 -2022

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Term 2

This term in Alpine Class, we have found out a lot of information about the Great Fire of London and we imagined what it would be like to be in this scary situation. We have worked hard to improve our phonics skills, learn new spellings and improve our reading speed and understanding too. We read from "Toby & The Great Fire of London," thinking about how Toby and other Londoners would have felt in September 1666. To experience some of these emotions and London life in 1666, we baked bread and ate it, created an imaginary market and we made our own London houses and set them on fire! In English, we wrote diary entries, imagining we had woken up on September 2nd 1666 to the smell of burning and the sounds of people shouting and running from the fire.
Our Maths learning focused on addition, subtraction and money and we also used our number skills to measure ingredients for our bread. We learnt even more about the Great Fire of London in our Topic work, where we saw when the fire happened and made our own timelines of British history and the events of the fire. We also found out that London was rebuilt to be a safer city, with wider streets and houses made of stone. In Computing, we used PowerPoint to create information slides about the fire, so that we could give this information to other people and in PSHE we learnt about fire safety and how to clean out teeth properly. 
Meanwhile, we practised with the Year 1s and produced a fantastic Nativity, called "Hey Ewe," in which a curious sheep was desperate to go to the stable and see the birth of Jesus. We all learnt our lines, lots of songs and some great dances too: what a show! This has been a very busy term, but we have produced some superb work and learnt lots of new skills and facts too. We are now excited and ready for our Christmas break and to come back and learn even more in Term 3!
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Term 1

This term in Alpine Class, we have learnt a huge amount about each other in class and our local town’s history and landmarks.  

We have worked a lot to improve our basic skills, progressing in reading, spellings, handwriting and Maths as well. This has allowed us to produce some great work about Ashford, and we have found out a huge amount about this important town.  In our final week of term, we even visited Godinton House to find out about one of Ashford's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. 

In English, we created our own magic beans, acted out our own plays based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and we planned and wrote our own brochures, promoting the landmarks of Ashford and encouraging people to visit our lovely hometown. Our Maths focused on place value, counting and then adding and taking-away using number bonds and related numbers. In our broader curriculum, our Topic work focused on Ashford and why we are proud to live here. We also learnt about important celebrations and festivals in religions and compared these to our own celebrations. We animated stop-animation videos in Computing and we also though about what makes us unique and how to use a growth-mindset in PSHCE.  

What a busy term it has been! We can’t wait to get started again in Term 2… 

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