Alpine class

2021 -2022

Please click here for our class newsletter for Terms 1&2.

Term 1

This term in Alpine Class, we have learnt a huge amount about each other in class and our local town’s history and landmarks.  

We have worked a lot to improve our basic skills, progressing in reading, spellings, handwriting and Maths as well. This has allowed us to produce some great work about Ashford, and we have found out a huge amount about this important town.  In our final week of term, we even visited Godinton House to find out about one of Ashford's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. 

In English, we created our own magic beans, acted out our own plays based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and we planned and wrote our own brochures, promoting the landmarks of Ashford and encouraging people to visit our lovely hometown. Our Maths focused on place value, counting and then adding and taking-away using number bonds and related numbers. In our broader curriculum, our Topic work focused on Ashford and why we are proud to live here. We also learnt about important celebrations and festivals in religions and compared these to our own celebrations. We animated stop-animation videos in Computing and we also though about what makes us unique and how to use a growth-mindset in PSHCE.  

What a busy term it has been! We can’t wait to get started again in Term 2… 

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