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2023 -2024

Term 4

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 4.

In Term 4 in Alpine Class, we focused our learning on Seaside Holidays in History and how these have changed from Victorian times to today. We compared the similarities and differences of these different seaside holidays and then reviewed which type of holiday we would most enjoy. We also used the seaside-themed picture book, Flotsam, to inspire our descriptive writing. We finished our reading and writing activities for the term by recounting our amazing beach trip in Year 1. For our Computing lessons, we also learned how to program the BeeBots and then used them as 'ocean explorers' to move around the Hall and explore the different oceans and their relevant sea creatures. Our seaside-based Art work also allowed us to use different paints and textures to create beautiful underwater paintings and joyful sculptures too!
In Maths, our learning focused on measurements and we used all of our arithmetic and reasoning skills to measure length and height, mass, volume & capacity and temperatures. 
For Science, we have focused on animals, and looked at how all animals, including humans, change during their life cycle. We have also considered what all animals, including ourselves, need to survive. This linked brilliantly to our PSHCE learning about what substances are harmful and helpful for our bodies. Finally, our DT work has also included food-groups and a balanced diet and we designed, made and ate our own wraps, including a mixture of food-groups and using different kitchen tools to prepare the ingredients. 
Our written work in RE has helped us to learn about the Easter story and how Christians celebrate this, while comparing this to the traditions of Eid-Ul-Fitr and Pesach as well. 
For PE this term, we have completed some superb dance routines together and in groups, and then developed all of our hand-eye skills in our outdoor lessons too. 
It has been an exciting and rewarding term in Alpine Class and we have been so pleased to see our knowledge and skills improve, while our books show how proud we are of our work. We can't wait to get started in Term 5!
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Term 3

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 3.

This term we have been learning all about Africa in our Geography lessons and we used our learning to write some amazing letters to children in Kenya, asking them questions about their lives and writing statements about our own. We revised the names of the continents and oceans and then focused on Africa, learning how children live there, where they go to school and what foods they eat as well. This gave us a great appreciation of our lovely school, our great classrooms and our favourite things about where we live too. Using this theme for inspiration, we completed some beautiful African patterns and sunset paintings of grasslands as well. 
In Maths, we have focused on learning about money, multiplication and division and we have tried out different methods to calculate with these topics. In Science, we compared the properties of materials and started to work out which materials are best suited to specific tasks and why. We also celebrated Safer Internet Day, looking at how technology has changed and therefore how we must be more careful when we use online devices. For our DT work, we learned to sew a running stitch, creating some brilliant little pouches which we can use to store our most precious possessions. In our PE lessons, we have learned new ways to move across the mats and also worked hard on our balance to climb, walk and jump off the gymnastics equipment. 
Alpine Class have worked very hard this term and improved their accuracy of work and their knowledge and skills in lots of different areas too. Well done Year 2!
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Term 2

Please click here for our curriculum overview for Term 2.

In Term 2, Alpine Class have learned all about being brave and overcoming our fears, with our lovely English book, 'After the Fall,' a sequel to the Humpty Dumpty story. We wrote about new characters who overcame their fears and our own poems based on the famous nursery rhyme. We also learned about the brave men and women who helped to invent the first flying machines and the first mission to the Moon, then writing a diary entry, from Neil Armstrong's perspective after he got home safely, having walked on the Moon. 
In Maths we focused more on Addition and Subtraction and then learned lots of news skills and knowledge about shapes. In Science, we have continued our learning about animals, plants and their habitats, learning how some animals and plants are adapted to survive in their environments. As Christmas approached, we learned lines, songs and actions for our amazing Nativity performance and made all of our families proud with some awesome acting and performances. 
Well done for all of your hard work and superb learning this term, Alpine Class. We are incredibly proud of the progress you are all making and you now deserve a lovely Christmas break. See you all in 2024!
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Term 1 

Please click here for our curriculum map for Term 1.
In Term 1, Alpine Class have focused their writing on 'In Every House on Every Street,' thinking about what they like to do in their homes. We also learned all about the features of Ashford in Geography and then wrote our own brochures for the town, in our English lessons too. We also had a fantastic visit to Ashford Town to see some of the human and physical features that we had learned about.  
In Maths we have focused on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and we are getting much better at writing out larger numbers when we have finished our calculations. We have been learning about habitats in Science and looking around our amazing school grounds to find minibeasts in different microhabitats such as the log-piles and the pond. For our Harvest celebration and RE learning, we learned about Sukkot (Jewish Harvest) and made Sukkah tents, like those found in Jerusalem during Autumn. 
It has been a very busy and rewarding term and we are all very proud of how much we have improved our skills and knowledge so far in Year 2. We can't wait for Term 2!
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