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Term 3

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Term 2

Alpine had a very busy time in Term 2. Our topic was 'What makes a Queen great?' We found out all about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria; we had our own coronation including a mini-street party where we made the snacks! We wrote instructions on how to be a Monarch and we also created our own firework poems. Our class book was 'The Snow Queen', we acted out scenes from the book and wrote our own version of the story. In science we planted bulbs - fingers crossed they grown in the spring. As we approached Christmas, we had lots of exciting activities including a pantomime where some of us joined in and of course our Nativity - The Inn-spectors! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Term 1

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In term 1, our big question was ‘What ever happened to the dinosaurs?’ Throughout the term we learnt about the habitats where dinosaurs lived, how they became extinct, what they looked like, whether they were carnivores or herbivores and we also looked a long way back in time to find out when they were alive. Our favourite part of this was making dinosaur fossils and habitats.

In science, we were learning about animals and living things.

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