Alpine class

2020 -2021

Term 1

We used clay to make our own pots. We made thumb pots by pushing a dent into a ball of clay and using our fingers to smooth it down. Then we made coil pots by making long, thin sausages of clay and coiling them round on top of a base. We then got to paint them.

We have been learning about dinosaurs in our Topic. We learnt about their habitats. We collected natural materials from outside and combined these with craft paper to make our own habitats including trees, rocks and rivers.

In English we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We acted out the story. We also grew some leftover beans that were sent to us by Jack. We wrote instructions to explain how we planted them.

We made some shelters using canvas and tent pegs. We practised lots of problem solving skills to get them to stay up.

Please click here to see our newsletter for Terms 1 and 2.

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