Alpine class

2022 -2023

Term 1 and 2

In Terms 1 & 2 in Alpine Class, we have learned a huge amount about each other, our skills and all about our History topics, the Dinosaurs and the Queens of England. Although we have been extremely busy and worked very hard, we have had a very enjoyable time learning so much!
Since the start of September, we have worked hard to improve our key skills in Maths and English, learning to present our work more clearly, spell more carefully and write clear and concise sentences. We have improved our counting skills and our shapes knowledge too. In the final weeks of term, we used our improved reading skills and self-confidence to perform an amazing Nativity to the whole school and our families as well. 
In English, we started by reading a selection of the 'Dinosaur that Pooped' stories by Tom Fletcher. These hilarious, rhyming tales got us all very excited about our own writing and our History learning too. We were ecstatic when Tom himself signed our class book for us, when Charlotte visited him to sign his new book, 'Space Band' in London. We also learned about refugees and their plight, when we read 'The Journey' by Francesca Sanna and wrote about our special journeys to a safe place for the International Day of Peace. Then in Term 2, we loved reading 'After the Fall' and writing about times when we have had to overcome our fears, just like Humpty Dumpty did in this great story. For History, we learned about the dinosaurs and the different theories of how they became extinct. Afterwards, we also learned how they were adapted to survive, just like animals today. Then, in Term 2, we looked at the different Queens of England and discussed what we think it takes to be a good monarch, finally deciding if we thought Elizabeth I, Victoria or Elizabeth II was the best queen and why. 
We also learned about important celebrations and festivals in religions and compared these to our own celebrations. In computing we have worked on our typing skills, keeping safe online and how to edit exciting Powerpoints to display our knowledge too. For our PSHCE work we have discussed having a growth mindset, improving our resilience and thirst for knowledge. We have also discussed what to do in bullying situations in Anti-Bullying week. Lastly, in PE we have enjoyed boccia, curling, football and cricket, as well as many other exciting sports. 
It has been a great start to the year, filled with learning and excitement, and we have developed our confidence to learn independently and our understanding of some important historical topics too. We can't wait for another exiting term of learning to begin in January!
Dinosaurs Moving Around The Hall
Flying Our Doves On International Day Of Peace
The Inn Spectors At Christmas
The Innkeepers Of Bethlehem
Tom Fletcher Signed Our Class Book   The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past
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