At the heart of our curriculum lie our school values (respect, responsibility, honesty and pride) and these are reflected in the daily life of the school. At Goat Lees we know that English sits at the heart of all our learning. We aim for our children to leave us as strong and effective communicators who are equipped in the next stage of their educational journey and then into the world of adulthood.

Our children will have the knowledge and skills to write independently and for a range of purposes. We aim to develop a love of writing through the use of high quality texts ensuring a strong link between reading and writing.


At Goat Lees Primary School, we strive for children to be a ‘Primary Literate Pupil’ aiming for the following:

* To develop pupils’ abilities to communicate effectively.

* To develop pupils’ listening skills essential to communicating effectively in a range of situations.

* To develop pupils’ understanding of spoken and written language so they become enthusiastic, responsive and knowledgeable speakers, readers and writers.

* To understand a range of text types and genres – be able to write in a variety of styles and forms appropriate to the situation.

* To be developing the powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness.

* To acquire a wide vocabulary and to be able to spell new words by effectively applying spelling patterns and rules

* To have a solid understanding of grammar and apply it effectively to their writing.

* To have a good knowledge of phonics to springboard children to becoming fluent writers.


We have high expectations in writing. We use a well-structured planning process that starts with a hook to engage the children through an experience or creating a purpose for writing. We take time to immerse the children in the carefully chosen high quality texts that have been selected to support our writing journeys. We thoroughly explore the beautiful pictures, eliciting deeper questioning to really embed the understanding of characters, setting and plot. Oracy and drama is used to retell the story, enhancing our retrieval skills and allowing us to explore the emotions of the characters. There is high importance placed on gathering high quality vocabulary, ensuring the words are understood and then displaying them for use later. Through our comprehensive and highly detailed curriculum map we use a structured approach to building our writing lessons. We teach, practice, develop and embed the required skills for our year group and genre, making sure that skills and techniques are building on what has been previously learnt, ensuring progression is made for all of our children. The writing process is clear and comprehensive allowing our children the opportunity to draft their writing after clear

Teachers model the writing process and demonstrate the high standards expected of all children. This clearly shows the children that effective writing takes time and effort, and how important the editing process is. Children are encouraged to edit their own work with purple pens. Direct, clear feedback is given during writing lessons. We have a strong focus on language development for our children because we know that speaking and listening are crucial skills for reading and writing in all subjects. Early writing, spelling and phonics are taught following the Little Wandle phonic programme. Grammar and punctuation are planned and taught regularly throughout the school following the National Curriculum.

From Y2 onwards, spelling is taught on a regular basis following the Spelling Shed programme. Children are taught to use a neat, legible and consistent style of handwriting and presentation. Through termly pupil progress meetings, teachers and SLT track attainment and progress in writing. We moderate writing regularly, both within school and across the CARE group trust. All data is used purposefully to put appropriate measures into place which help to impact on pupil progress.


As a result:

· Children will be able to write fluently and with confidence by the time they leave Goat Lees at the end of Year 6

· Children will have a love for writing and write for enjoyment

· Children will be able to produce written work in all areas of the curriculum to a good standard

· Children will have a wide vocabulary and be able to spell new words by effectively applying spelling patterns

· Children will have a solid understanding of grammar and apply it effectively to their writing

· Children will have neat, legible, joined handwriting

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