Goat Lees Maths Curriculum

We are using the '21 steps' to assess where your children are at in their maths learning. Each term we will revisit, and then build upon the objectives laid out for each year group in the National Curriculum Programme of Study to ensure that the fundamental concepts are embedded. Alongside this, we are using White Rose Mastery materials which gives the children the opportunity to understand concepts in a variety of formats and deepen their understanding through the use of reasoning and problem solving tasks. We think this is essential so that your children are able to 'use and apply' this knowledge as they progress through the school and into adulthood. Throughout the school, we are very keen on using practical equipment (manipulatives) as well as drawing visual pictures to support our thinking.

If you would like to see the objectives that your children are working on, please click on the link below.

Term 1 and 2

Year 1        Year 2      Year 3     Year 4       Year 5      Year 6

Term 3 and 4

Year 1       Year 2       Year 3    Year 4     Year 5      Year 6

Term 5 and 6

Year 1       Year 2       Year 3     Year 4     Year 5      Year 6 

If you would like to see how we teach calculation, please follow this link: Stages in calculation progression. We've also put together some leaflets to help you to support your child at home. Please click on the links: Times tables   Homework   Reception   Yr1   Yr2 Yr3   Yr4   Yr5&6

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