House Captains

At Goat Lees Primary School, we have four houses, which were created by some of the first pupils at the school. 
They are Eaglewick (Red), Shuffledale (Yellow), Nettlefire (Green) and Whistlewolf (Blue). 
This year, our house captains, chosen by their house teams, are:
Eaglewick - Francesca & Warren     Finley (Vice Captain)
Shuffledale - Lily & Lily
Nettlefire - Harry & Sadie
Whistlewold - Daisy & Zac
Also, we have now chosen school mottos this year to encourage us to do our best. 
House Points are given for exceptional behaviour, brilliant working effort and showing our school values in all that we do. "Pupil of The Week" in each class receives a golden token worth ten points for their house! 
We collect our House Point Tokens and post them into the House Point Pots. These are then counted by the House Captains each week and added to our total points in the School Hall. Each term, there will be inter-house competitions to compete for more tokens, testing our sporting abilities, our general knowledge and our artistic & musical skills too. 
At the end of every two terms there will be a non-uniform-day and a special treat for the winning house. We can't wait to find out who has won!
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