Careers Week

We had many visitors in during our careers week, to talk to us about our own aspirations. To kick start our week, we had 10 visitors from Primary Futures. We had to guess what their job was, and then Year 5 & 6 had a speed networking session with them.  Some of the jobs included were neuroscientist, finance manager, and food technology specialist!

We also had the police and the fire service, and some of our parents kindly came along to speak to various classes about their own jobs. We all really enjoyed our week, and we all know what exciting opportunities there are for us in the world of work!

Here is what two of our volunteers said about our school: I enjoyed it very much! 

 I’m an experienced Reporting Inspector. It was clear within minutes that you, collectively, have established a highly supportive, positive culture which is expertly modelled by the staff including the receptionist. Every interaction I observed was based on mutual respect and love.

The pupils were a credit to the school. Their behaviour was excellent and most of them seemed to be very engaged. I was particularly impressed that even the EYFS year had children who were keen (and brave enough!) to put up their hands to ask questions in front of the whole school.

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